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Sabine Be


be as in to be. be as in to exist. In just 4 years, Sabine be has rapidly become one of the most respected and innovative glasses designers in the optical industry

Sabine Be

Turning her childhood dream into reality, Sabine Be, a former optician, fond of colors and different materials, decided to launch her own brand. Each one of her frames reflects her playfulness. Fresh and unique designs, extra-vibrant color choices, dedication to focal detail… the polished esthetics is all handmade in France.

For men, women and children, optical and sunglasses, accessories, international scope… The only constants in Sabine Be’s world are her know-how and daring touch. For the rest, pleasure is the limit. Her addictive frames are sought after by demanding faces and atypical souls alike. Here, we do not buy glasses: we enter the lands of pure sugar passion.

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