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Of Sicilian origin but venetian adoption, Piero Massaro immediately strucks for his fresh and original creativity, cloaked in delicious details.

Piero Massaro

Piero Massaro is a man who employs his hands to contemplate the world. Although he has roots in Sicily in Italy, he was reared in a more northerly location in Venice. The Piero Massaro collection embodies an elegant and innovative design that includes a wide range of frames, reading glasses and sunglasses. Each of his collections tells us his passion for craftsmanship, creating and spreading the taste for handmade things, according to the rules of the past. His limited and numbered eyeglasses are built like a tailored suit of which the owner can claim uniqueness.

The Piero Massaro collection is chock-full of glasses that are enduring. People who want to find glasses that are suitable for all sorts of occasions in this world can look through the collection enthusiastically. It has options that can accommodate casual events. It has options that can cater to more formal ones as well. This exclusive collection limits production to 100 pieces per style.

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