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Eyewear designers Jason and Karen Kirk create frames for people who LOVE eyewear. Unique, innovative and daring, this funky eyewear blurs the boundary between optics and fashion.
Available in both sun and ophthalmic.

Kirk & Kirk

If eyes are the windows of the soul, glasses should window-dress them perfectly - this definitely echoes the ethos of Kirk & Kirk, who believe that a pair of glasses should be an aesthetic reflection of the personality of the wearer behind the exquisitely handcrafted apparatus so familiar to us all.

Kirk & Kirk has developed a special grade of Italian acrylic that has unique properties allowing their frames to appear substantial and chunky, but are in fact incredibly light. It also affords us a beautiful color palette that you will not find in any other collection. Both trendy and fashionable, these colored frames will fulfill your need for unique self-expression.

Classic frames with a uniquely British edge.

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