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If you are a lady who wants a pair of glittery glasses complete with Swarovski crystals, Francis Klein eyewear is your brand. Wearing a Francis Klein frame will awaken your playful spirit and transport you metaphorically to quaint café in the heart of Paris.
Available in both ophthalmic and sunglasses.

Francis Klein

In the 1970s, Francis Klein, optician by profession, opened his shop in the seventh arrondissement of Paris. Dispirited by the lack of original products on the market, he decided to create his own models, assisted by his wife Michele, an interior designer. Glasses created by Francis Klein have been worn by legendary actors Dean Martin, Michael Caine, Grace Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn.

Francis Klein glasses are the epitome of the word CUSTOM. Each frame is painstakingly made by hand in France. The owner and visionary designer, Francis Klein, founded the company in 70’s to combat what he saw was a world full of “ordinary glasses”. Like many artists, Francis Klein took the path less traveled and completely reinvented the fashion eyewear category.

The collection can be described as beautiful, pretty, elegant, and downright sexy. Each pair of Francis Klein glasses is a combination of intensely colored acetates lovingly hand painted or jeweled to perfection.

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