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Your eyewear options are not limited to your frames

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."

Every person's eyes are unique, and everyone sees the world differently. The more closely your lenses are adjusted to meet your specific needs, the greater the visual clarity and sharpness you will experience. A customized lens design provides optimal performance for your unique vision requirements.
Our primary goal is to provide our clients with the best vision possible. This philosophy is at the core of our commitment to highly customized eyeglasses.

Shamir Autograph Intelligence™

Harnessing today’s cutting-edge technologies, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Shamir introduces its most advanced progressive lens. Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ is a continuous lens design that optimally matches the wearer’s Visual Age™ and Visual Needs.


Shamir Workspace™ and Shamir Computer™

Shamir WorkSpace™ – is the best solution when priority focus is both mid-distance and near viewing. Shamir WorkSpace™ is ideal for both mid-distance and near viewing. Offering a depth of field, up to 10 feet, these lenses provide sharp vision whether the required focus is on the desk or a colleague across the room. It is also the best occupational solution for those who are actively moving around their work place throughout the day, providing clarity for tasks performed within 10 feet. Professionals that may benefit from Shamir WorkSpace™ include florists, sales clerks, nurses, chefs, receptionists, surgeons, and hairdressers.

Shamir Computer™ – is more than just a solution for computer users, it serves a wide variety of professions because it provides clear vision for any task performed within 5 feet. Shamir Computer™ is designed to provide you with a wide field of near viewing with clear vision up to 5 feet - a far greater depth of field than that offered by conventional reading lenses. These lenses are ideal for people working at a computer or who are primarily stationary at their desk/workstation throughout the day. Professions that may benefit from Shamir Computer™ include architects, post office clerks, software engineers, data entry clerks, graphic designers, pianists and more.


Shamir Blue Zero™

Most of us spend many hours a day sitting in front of a TV, computer screen, tablet, or smartphone. If you spend hours a day in front of a screen, sooner or later, you are likely to feel discomfort in your eyes including soreness, fatigue, and blurriness. Some blue light exposure is important as it helps regulate our sleep and helps stave off depression. The problem with blue light from digital devices is that it is a lot of focused and continuous blue light in a way we don't experience in nature. Shamir Blue Zero allows for ultimate protection from blue light while maintaining nearly clear lens clarity. We are excited about the opportunity to provide our clients with this level of protection. Just as sunglasses are important outdoors, Shamir Blue Zero is just as important indoors.


Crizal® No-Glare Lenses

Crizal No-Glare lenses are the market leader of No-Glare (Anti-Reflective) ophthalmic lenses. They give you the clearest vision possible, so you’re ready for whatever comes your way—glare, scratches, smudges, and even UV light. Crizal No-Glare lenses offer the best combination of clarity, durability, cleanability, and optimal UV protection so that patients can see, look, and feel better.

What are the advantages of Crizal lenses?

  • Reduces glare
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean

Varilux® Progressive Lenses

Varilux progressive lenses provide sharp vision at every distance - even in dimly lit conditions - eliminating the blurriness and low-light issues of ordinary progressive lenses. Progressive lenses allow you to see all distances clearly in a continuous field of vision with no lines. They will help you achieve the most natural vision possible.

What are the advantages of progressive lenses?

  • Sharp vision
  • Near to far
  • Elimates off-balance

Transitions® Adaptive Lenses

Adapts from indoors to outdoors and everything in between. With Transitions® Adaptive Lenses®, you see the best of both worlds. Lenses adapt to changing light, from clear indoors to dark outdoors, and every shade in between.

What are the advantages of Transitions lenses?

  • Comfort with adaptive technology
  • Helps protect from harmful blue light
  • Protection from UV rays
  • More responsive than ever


Xperio UV polarized prescription sun lenses provide the ultimate protection from UV rays on both sides of the lens? With an Eye-Sun Protective Factor (E-SPF®) of 50+, you get the highest level of UV protection offered within the E-SPF index.

What are the advantages of xperio uv lenses?

  • Sharp colors
  • Maximum UV protection
  • Durable


Between computers, tablets, and smartphones, we’re looking at screens more than ever before. All that screen time can be hard on your eyes and may cause digital eye strain. Eyezen lenses are an everyday pair of lenses, enhanced to provide comfort and protection for people who are on smartphones, tablets, and computers for hours at a time. Eyezen™ lenses are available to everyone - whether you have a prescription or not.

What are the advantages of Eyezen lenses?

  • Reduces eye strain
  • Helps protect from harmful blue light
  • Enhanced single vision lens