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Original designs made from recycled newspapers, magazines or comics.
Available in both ophthalmic and sunglasses.

Paper & Paper

If you like to break the rules, get out of line from time to time and make a difference, Paper & Paper are the glasses for you. Choosing from this distinct collection wil give you the mark of identity and an extension as unique as you are.

Paper & Paper Eyewear make their glasses based on the premise of originality and exclusivity . The principal focus of each model is recycled newspapers, comics, magazines . . . and hand crafted work that makes every frame extraordinary.

Paper is combined with metal and/or acetate forming three collections, dependant on the technique used to create them:
The "In Collection" where paper is placed inside the acetate, The "Out Collection" where the frame is covered in several layers of paper and protected with sealant and adhesives, The "Metals Collection" where paper is coated and adheres to a stainless steel frame.

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