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Irish born, Paris based creator Alyson Magee reveals her passion for micro detailing in designing beautiful eyewear with unique architectural elements.
Available in both ophthalmic and sunglasses.

Alyson Magee

“With this collection I wanted to bring everyone on the journey with the brand as the collections evolve. You never quite know where your inspiration is going to take you but that is part of the enjoyment. I found myself honing in on manipulation of light, and how this is represented in architecture, nature, and everything that surrounds us both in urban and more rural areas. I live mostly in Paris but I still spend time in the lush Irish countryside, so this collection is an exploration of these contrasting, but complimentary experiences.” - Alyson Magee

Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Alyson graduated from the Royal College of Art in London with a Masters degree in jewellery design. Alyson's use of color, attention to details and mischievous architectural twists keep her at the forefront of eyewear design. The collection includes optical and sun styles for the modern woman. Every single piece reflects Magee’s design ethos.

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