Komono & Tokyo Bay Watches

effortlessly stylish accessories

  • Komono Andy Rementer
  • Komono Estelle Cutout
  • Komono Magnus
  • Komono Estelle Pink
  • Komono Vlisco Gold
  • Komono Winston
  • Tokyo Bay
  • Tokyo Bay Barberella
  • Tokyo Bay Frida
  • Tokyo Bay Legend
  • Tokyo Bay Mason
  • Tokyo Bay Military

Watches for Men & Women

Founded in 2009, watch and accessory brand KOMONO is known for infusing classic design with forward-thinking colors and materials, $60-100. A simple alternative to all the multifunction monstrosities weighing down wrists, the Komono Watch is an elegantly ageless timepiece. In a range of finishes and colors, it features a large but uncluttered analog face and sophisticated wristband - putting the finishing touch on an effortlessly stylish accessory.

Always stylish, well designed, full of color with good times in mind, TOKYObay is time well spent when dressing for the everyday. Born out of a collaboration between two talented designers from opposite sides of the world, TOKYObay has made a name for itself by designing a collection of watches that fuse classic European minimalism with a quietly whimsical Japanese sensibility. The result is inspiration from some of the coolest corners of watchmaking, while maintaining an emphasis on keeping things casual and remarkably affordable for the everyday.